General Data Protection Regulaition


This portal is created by the Technical University - Sofia - Technology Ltd. Its task is to support the relationship between active citizens and the municipal administration. The Creator and Serving Portal is the team of Software Group Acstre.

Privacy for us is a very important element in the process of creating programs. We do not require the collection of more data than those needed to solve each particular case. All our products comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.


The "Mayor, look!" portal allows the user to identify himself voluntarily with "name", "mobile phone" and "e-mail". This data is used to establish feedback with the reporting citizen. In addition, they are the minimum required to record the issue in the document flow system of the administration where it will be processed.

We declare that:

1.The data collected is in no way used for purposes other than the purposes for which the portal was created.

2.Every user can delete his or her account at any time and erase the information about all the signals he or she has posted on the portal. In this case, the data can not be restored.

3.Any user may request that the data associated with his or her profile be transmitted as a digital report.

We preserve the right users who use coarse or racist expressions and do not respect nature, and the purposes with which the portal is created are to be erased ex officio.