1. The present "General Terms and Conditions" are intended to regulate the relations between the Technical University - Sofia - Technologies Ltd., represented by the team "Software Group Acstre" and the users of the website "Mayor, look!", hereinafter referred to as the "Site".

2. By using the site, users are given the opportunity to submit unurgent issues to Bulgarian municipalities and the possibility to track the processing of these issues.

3. These "General Terms and Conditions" describe the terms and conditions under which the Software Group Acstre provides users with the opportunities realized on the site, and users are bound to use them in compliance with the applicable laws and requirements set forth in these General Terms and Conditions without performing.


4. (1) By using the site, users agree to these "General Terms and Conditions" that come into force immediately after first use of the site.

(2) These "General Terms and Conditions" apply both to registered users and to those who did not register on the site. Site users accept and undertake to abide by these "General Terms and Conditions".

(3) The Software Group Acstre publishes these "General Terms and Conditions" on the site, retaining the right to unilaterally modify and supplement it. Upon making a change, users will be notified by posting the modified "General Terms and Conditions" on the site prior to their entry into force.

5. (1) Use of the site is possible without prior registration.

(2) Upon registration of a minor, the same declares the consent of their parents or guardians to the "General Terms and Conditions". In the case of registration of a person under the age of 14, registration should be made by a parent or guardian of the same, the parent complies with the "General Terms and Conditions".

(3) Upon registration, the user provides at least the following data: names, e-mail address, password. The user declares that the data submitted during the registration are correct, complete and accurate and will update them promptly upon modification.

(4) Users are responsible for providing and using their usernames and passwords in violation of these "General Terms and Conditions". Users are responsible for all actions performed by themselves or by third parties using their username and password.


6. The information provided by the users to the municipalities must be written in Bulgarian in Cyrillic.

7. (1) Users have the right to attach materials to the issues they send.

(2) Upon filing the issue, the user declares and ensures that:

1. is the sole author of the submitted material;

2. the content of the materials that have not entered into force "General Terms and Conditions", the effect of the legislation or the rights and interests of individuals;

8. Site Administrators reserve the right not to approve issues containing material that is in violation of these "General Terms and Conditions".


9. Upon reporting, the user warrants and declares that the information and attachments do not violate the requirements of the applicable laws and conditions described in Article 11 of these "General Terms and Conditions" and assumes responsibility for the content of the posted.

10. (1) The Software Group Acstre Administrators have the right to refuse to approve issues if:

1. contain obscene words or expressions, as well as any forms of insults that contradict norms of morality and good tone;

2. humiliate the honor or dignity of others;

3. contain insults on a religious basis;

4. contain national, political, ethnic, religious, racial, sexual or other discrimination;

5. violate in any way norms of current legislation;

6. contain pornographic content or any other content that violates the morality and morality norms;

(2) The interpretation and application of the points of art. 9, paragraph 1 shall be carried out entirely at the discretion of the administrators of the system "Mayor, look!", And the consumers have no right to claim in connection with their application.

11. (1) Users may request information from the Software Group Acstre about the terms of use of the site.

(2) Users have the right to notify the Software Group Acstre for any issues they encounter with the use of the site.

12. (1) The User agrees that the Software Group Acstre is entitled to collect, process, use and store data and information by which users can be identified, names, e-mail address and any other information that users make and submit when registering under Art. 5, para. 2 and Art. 7, para. 2, or otherwise using the Site in accordance with these "General Terms and Conditions", subject to the General Data Protection Regulaition and other applicable legislation.

(2) When reporting to a municipality, users agree that their personal data will only be provided to municipalities for identification and feedback, subject to the General Data Protection Regulaition and other applicable legislation.

(3) At the request of a Competent Authority, the Software Group Acstre has the right to provide personal information about its users.


13. The correspondence between the Software Group Acstre and the users in relation to the use of the site is via e-mail. The e-mail of the Software Group Acstre for correspondence with users on the issues of the "Mayor, look!" system is

14. (1) These "General Terms and Conditions" come into force on 23.06.2016.

(2) These "General Terms and Conditions", as well as any future amendments thereto, apply to already registered users as of the date of their entry into effect. Registered users may request within 7 days of the date of entry into force of the amendment that they reject the changes to the "General Terms and Conditions" by sending a message to In the event that no application for rejection of the changes is received, the user will be deemed to be bound by them.